Welcome to FnsLabs!
Creating mobile platforms and apps
fueled by curiosity!


We are a young company made up of all ages, different locations, and unique stories. What brings us together is the simple wonder that comes from creative curiosity. Most things never see the light of day, others we publish for the world to use, leading us into that intimate relationship of feedback and response as the solutions we build, become rooted in the lives of others.

Celox - Quick game of agility


Ruptio - Disruption Tracking


Grumble - What to do with those orphaned goods?


About Us

Fns-Labs uses an interesting moniker; FnS stands for Father and Son which is how this whole mess began. Just a couple of guys playing the 'what if' with hardware and software.

The way technology has advanced and become more accessible, is an awesome and welcomed change, however the educational system continues to lag. Young people have such curiosity and a natural willingness to break from established patterns. So with each passing week our knowledge and experience grows (although truth be told the kid outshines the old guy at every turn!).

The old guy brings the "established pattern" whilst his son brings that special quality of non-conformity; desperately needed to actually think different. Now the two work on concepts together as well as support each other on independant work. It's a hobbyists life!


If interested in what we are working on or need a hand to bring your own ideas to the masses reach out!